How to poach an egg.

 There’s something about a poached egg that seems…effortlessly classy. They’re not pretentious, they fool no one. Saying you can poach an egg in the cooking world has the same bravado as stating you can replace that pesky idler arm on your truck to get rid of that wandering steering wheel.

Forget trying to use vinegar or methodically delivering eggs to your boiling water as the salty sweat drips from your brow. Thanks to my Mama Smith, the whole word can poach eggs with ease. All it takes is a little courage and 1/3 measuring cup.

That’s right. Go grab yourself a metal 1/3 measuring cup. Don’t have one? Invest.

Spray that thing UP with Pam, Crisco, olive oil- whatever. This will prevent the egg from sticking to the cup, allowing for a perfectly circular egg.

Next, crack the egg into the cup and place in a shallow pan. Fill the pan with water until the level reaches about 3/4 the hight of your measuring cup.

Commence boiling. Once edges have set, cover the pan for about 30 seconds to a minute. Once the top of the egg is white as well remove from pan

A runny, yellow yolk is what you want for a poached egg. A goopy, liquid white is not.

To remove egg, slowly run a knife around the cup’s edges. For me, I love poached eggs with toast and jam. Huckleberry Jam that is.

Now go and impress your friends with newly found knowledge! Make eggs benedict or just poach some for fun.

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