DIY Glitter Loafers

I love to loaf around. I remember my very first loafer purchase- a grim, College Station afternoon amidst finals week and a trip to Target (or “tar-SHEY” as I like to call it when feeling extra classy) to ease the mind. I found these fantastically soft pink suede loafers, which made me feel like a posh princess in so many ways. However, thanks to the following rain, A&M construction and infinite mud puddles, my suede was soaked and stained. I tried EVERYTHING to fix them, but all for naught. If this has also happened to you, never fear. There is a cure in the form of sparkly, multi-surface spray paint.

You’ll also like to hear that this process is insanely easy. All it takes is two coats of your favorite color and some water-and-stain-proofing spray afterwards- it’s always goot to have  some insurance for all that hard work.

What you’ll need:

  • A pair of loafers
  • Muli-surface sparkle spray paint
  • Newspaper
  • Tape
  • Water/Stain proofing spray (optional)


1. Stuff the insides of the shoes with newspaper (ensuring good spray coverage). Go outside; prop up shoes on something fairly tall, covered with newspaper (I used a recycle bin).

2. Tape around the heel of the shoe (and any other exposed area you want to keep clean) to keep spray paint off.

3. Stand a few feet away and spray shoes with long, fluid motions. Don’t forget to cover the tops, low sides and heels! 4. Allow shoes to dry at least one hour, and repeat process with a second coat.
5. Allow to dry once more, finish off with a coat of water/stain proofing spray and voila!


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