A Proper Cup of Coffee

Here is a haiku I wrote about coffee.

Hello cup of joe

You are looking nice today

Can we be friends? 

I thought I might take a little break from analyzing Matin Brun (an allegorical work regarding fascism by Frank Pavloff to present in class. SO AWESOME!!!) to share some of the best cups of coffee I’ve had – as well as their respective locations– over the weeks I’ve been in Lausanne. What’s more, between my little espresso maker and Emma’s french press, we’ve made some pretty great coffee ourselves, chez moi!

BUT, before everything, here are some Swiss coffee factoids for all you caffeine junkies out there.

  • Switzerland has one of the three highest per capita coffee consumption rates in Europe
  • 75% of global coffee trade happens in Switzerland and apparently, there are more Starbucks locations than banks
  • Say hello to Nespresso (the coffee child of Nestlé). It’s eeeeverywhere.
  • The most popular drink? Something called a long espresso (aka kaffeecreme). Haven’t had one yet but it’s on the list.
  • My favorite drink? (I’m sure all of your a trembling with anticipation) It’s called a renversé. AKA this warm espresso beverage from Geneva with a structure quite similar to that of a latte or cafe au lait. Oh and it’s SO DELICIOUS.

Okay enough of that. Coffee lovers, prepare to drool.


I’m serious. Get those hankies ready!


9/16, renversé. MGM Cafe, Ouchy

9/20, café. Chez moi 🙂

9/23, café au lait. Evian, France! 

9/28, renversé. Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory, Gruyères

9/29, espresso. This one café in Bern

9/30, (what used to be a) renversé. This other café in Valais

10/2, machine coffee that’s oh so tasty! (it does exist…and, yes i be you guessed it, it’s a renversé!). Université de Lausanne

10/6, another renversé of course! Centre-ville

And, last but not least, breakfast this morning

Well, that’s enough coffee for one day. Talk to y’all soon!!!!